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- About us -

Southside Dentures is owned and operated by Alan Caruntu. He ensures that your experience is stress-free and pleasant throughout.

Alan is fully qualified and registered with over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of dentures. From custom dentures to denture relines and repairs, he invests a great deal of time and effort in constructing dentures that are both functional and attractive.

Located in Browns Plains, we’ve helped thousands of patients from all over Logan and beyond to smile with confidence.

Southside Dentures uses only high quality materials, the latest technology and clinical techniques to ensure your new dentures are made to the highest quality and standard. Southside Dentures has made an enormous difference to the lifestyle of many of our patients. They can eat, speak and smile with confidence and their appearance is very lifelike, virtually indistinguishable from that of natural teeth.

Your smile plays an important part in your quality of life. After all, your teeth affect your ability to chew, enjoy the food you love, look youthful and natural, and feel confident. Our mission is to help you make the most of your smile by offering comfortable, well-fitting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing dentures.

Designing your smile is an interactive experience - one that combines our skills with your personal preferences and desires. The genuine care and attention you'll receive from our friendly staff the moment you enter our clinic ensure your visits are comfortable, relaxing and stress free.

Australian Dental Prosthetists Association We accept Denture Professionals

Our Services

Full Dentures

A full denture is a removable appliance replacing all of the natural teeth and the associated tissues and is supported by the gums. Full dentures can also be retained by implants for better stability and function.

full denture

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a removable appliance replacing one or more missing natural teeth and associated tissues. It is supported by the natural remaining teeth and gums. It replaces what is lost and preserves what is left.

partial denture

Implant Retained Denture

Loose dentures can be remedied with the addition of implant anchors positioned by a Dental Surgeon.

Your Dental Prosthetist will fit dentures over implants to provide stability, increased chewing force, reduced tissue irritations, and decreased bone loss.


Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are the metal free material or removable partial with ideal flexibility for multiple applications can use in combination with a metal partial or by itself.

flexible denture

You will be treated with the upmost respect and confidentiality, as we take time to listen to your individual needs. Your Dentures will be constructed onsite using high quality materials and the latest technology.

Book your consultation with our qualified and experienced Dental Prosthetist, Alan Caruntu today and make your first step to smiling with confidence. We work directly with you and therefore no referral is required.

Please browse through our gallery to see some of the denture work we have completed.




7 Reasons to Choose us

1. Dentures are our business. Our experience and investment in the latest techniques, technology and training allows us to focus on providing the best possible care for you.

2. Best quality for the best price around. Everything is made in our clinic.

3. We take the time to listen and fully inform you of all treatment options available. We understand that our patients’ needs are individual and work with them to ensure that they are happy and confident with the final product.

4. We guarantee the safety and quality of your dentures. Our teeth, materials and techniques are approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA).

5. We consider your privacy, treat you with respect and abide by all valid quotes once treatment has commenced.

6. Your Dental Prosthetist, Alan Caruntu, controls all aspects of denture design and construction.

7. Because you want dentures that feel comfortable, look great and are made in Australia.

Denture awareness - Questions

Why should I go to a Dental Prosthetist to have my new Dentures made?

The Dental Prosthetist whom you see about getting your new dentures is also the person who will make your dentures from start to finish. This enables you to discuss any concerns you may have and advise him/her of anything in particular that you don't like about your current dentures.

How often should I consider getting new Dentures?

It is recommended that you consider replacing your dentures at least every 7-8 years so as to prevent unnecessary damage to your gums. It will also make adjusting to and fitting new dentures much easier, particularly on the lower gums. It is worth checking with your health fund to determine how often they will pay for replacement dentures.

What is a "Reline" and how often should I have one?

If your denture is loose, a reline is used to replace the fitting surface of the denture which basically gives a tighter fitting denture. It is recommended that you have your dentures checked by a Dental Prosthetist every two to three years. This will ensure your tissue remains healthy and your denture function remains satisfactory.

What should I do if I break my denture?

Hold on to any pieces/teeth that may break off as this will possibly save the cost of replacing that tooth. DO NOT try to repair the break with Super Glue as the glue is very hard to remove and makes rejoining the break cleanly and precisely almost impossible.

How to clean your denture?

When cleaning your dentures,
- place a towel or face washer in the basin so that if the denture slips from your hand, the towel will cushion the fall.
- the lower denture is fragile and should not be held in the palm of the hand as you could break it if you squeeze it too hard. Hold it with two fingers and the thumb.
- with bleach can cause discolouring and unnatural looking teeth.
- Some stains may require professional cleaning. Abrasive cleaners and hard brushes can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on the plastic base resulting in the dentures becoming loose.

Your Dental Prosthetist is the best person to advise you cleaning and maintaining your dentures.

How can I make my denture last?

You should never consider your first set of dentures as your last. Many people believe their dentures should last forever, but this not so. Generally a denture should be reviewed every two years for remodelling/relining or replacement.

Apart from being worn down by continual use, the supporting tissue is actually changing. Even when your dentures feel quite comfortable, they should be inspected regularly to ensure no permanent damage is being done to the mouth.

If ever a sore or growth is discovered, you should immediately seek advice. These areas may be quite harmless and may only require minor adjustment to the denture, but only a professional can evaluate and rectify the situation.

Southside Dentures
Shop 1, 3276 Mt Lindesay Hwy,
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Between Repco and the Cheesecake Shop
(next door to Logan Endoscopy)
Telephone:(07) 3800 5805
Mobile:0415 654 667
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